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Story 1: The Spirit World

Job 1:6-7, 38:6-7; Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:11-19;
2 Peter 2:4; Jude 1:6



The Story: 

  • God created heavenly beings called angels to serve Him and live in heaven with Him, but they sometimes come to earth to help humans.  Sometimes they are visible, sometimes invisible.
  • God gave one special angel named Lucifer more wisdom (Ezekiel 28:12) and beauty than the rest because he was to lead all of the angels to worship God.
  • Lucifer became proud and haughty and began to think he was better than God.
  • God removed him from heaven and from His presence because of Lucifer’s sin of pride.
  • Some of the other angels followed Lucifer.  The Bible calls them fallen angels or demons.  Evil things that happen here on earth are the result of people rebelliously choosing to sin just as Lucifer and the demons chose. Sin is encouraged by this wicked being, also called “serpent” (Genesis 3, Revelation 12:9), “Satan” (Job 1:6, Luke 10:18) and “the devil” (Matthew 4:1,2).
  • Sin manifests itself in terrible crimes (Genesis4), in immorality and violence (Genesis 6, 19), but most of all in pride and rebellion against God (Genesis 11).


What is the source of evil?


Story 2: Creation »


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